Tower Foreman

Job Location(s) US-TX-LaPorte
# of Openings


The position Tower Foreman  reports directly to Superintendent / General Foreman.


  • Follow day-to-day cost of jobs in your area to ensure that Superintendents are capturing all of the changes required on project
  • Oversee project from cradle to grave
  • Reviews project proposal and plans to determine time frame, funding limitations, procedures for accomplishing project, staffing requirements and allotment of available resources to various phases of project
  • Establishes work plan and staffing for each phase of project and arranges for recruitment or assignment of project personnel
  • Coordinates work efforts between various subcontractors
  • Confers with project staff to outline work plan and to assign duties, responsibilities and scope of authority
  • Monitors status of project and makes any necessary modifications to schedules or plans as required
  • Prepares/Reviews and presents project reports for management, client and staff
  • Confers with project personnel to provide technical advice and to resolve problems
  • Review all paperwork (i.e. payroll time sheets, service receipts, FCO’s, evaluations of employees for proper raise or demotions, etc.)
  • Keep shops in order and equipment
  • Pursue the use of new methods and technologies in an effort to increase profits without sacrificing Company quality/integrity standards
  • Ensure the overall safety on any project. Provide a safe work environment for all personnel
  • Follow all Company safety procedures and OSHA guidelines
  • Attend annual training as requested
  • Team leader for all rescue operations
  • Follow all Company Quality Control/Quality Assurance procedures/processes
  • Conduct all Company business in accordance with Company policies and procedures and maintain professionalism throughout all business dealings both internally and externally


Must have at least 4 years of managerial experience and at least 2 years of supervisor experience with at least 3 different performance appraisals on record. Employees must score a 27 or better to be considered for position of Superintendent.  Complete and pass all Company and Customer required Safety and Craft training as well as assessments and hands-on testing for all required roles, responsibilities and expectations.  Demonstrate organizational skills, problem solving, prioritizing communication, documentation, leadership, motivational and cooperative team management with critical detail.  Must have excellent relational skills with customers, sub-contractors, and subordinates.  Must understand and articulate mechanical concepts (i.e. Drawings).  Ability to manage multiple tasks and resources.  Maintain poise and focus under time constraint pressures and adverse conditions.  Must have the ability to verbally communicate alarms or warnings clearly, concisely, loudly and quickly, to clearly and quickly hear or otherwise sense alarms or warnings and take appropriate action.  Must be able to maintain equilibrium to prevent falling when moving, walking, standing, kneeling or crouching particularly on narrow, uneven, irregular, slippery surfaces.  Must be physically able to go up or down ladders, stairs, scaffolding, ramps, poles or other objects using hands, arms, feet or legs.  Have ability to move about on hands and feet, be3nding the body downward and forward bending leg and spine – working in a bent over position.  Sensing physical attributes such as size, shape, temperature, texture or sharpness of an object by touching is essential.  Foot agility and dexterity such as operating pedals, foot controls, kick bars and other similar tasks that require foot or toe motion is also essential.  Other physical requirements are as follows:  Grasping, gripping or applying pressure to an object with the fingers and palm, holding an object in the hand.  The ability to clearly and concisely perceive sounds, the ability to hear and understand detailed oral communications, the ability to hear warning signals and alarms given verbally and mechanically.  Must be able to lift, raising or lowering objects in a vertical direction, particularly heavy or bulky objects.  Moving objects backward, forward, in or out in a horizontal direction, particularly heavy or bulky objects.  Pulling, exerting a steady backward, downward, upward or outward force against an object, jerking, plucking, wrenching, stretching, towing, drawing, dragging or tugging objects in a sustained motion.  Pushing, pressing against something with steady forward, downward, upward or outward force – shoving, pushing, compressing, squeezing, mashing, packing, pressing, jamming, compacting, or squashing objects in a sustained motion.  Reaching, extending the hand(s) and/or arm(s) in any direction.  The ability to see, read and understand written communications including directions, instructions and warning signs, to see and distinguish colors, to visually distinguish shapes and patterns, to accurately sense distances (depth perception), to accurately see objects and detect motion at wide angles peripheral vision).  Bending the body downward and forward by bending the spine at the waist, using the lower extremities and back muscles and moving on foot, particularly for long distances. The job involves exposure to cold working conditions during winter months and to hot working conditions during summer months.  Exposure to noise, workers must wear protective hearing equipment or frequently shout in order to be heard above the ambient noise level.  The job requires the use of protective equipment such as hard hats, respirators, aprons, gloves, special clothing, safety shoes and safety glasses.  Must be First Aid & CPR trained.  Must hold a class “A” driver’s license and a clean MVR.


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